Why 3d Printing?

Leveraging 3D Printing Technology for Prosthetics Production in Uganda, we will focus on creating a commodity technology-based mechanism, tailored to the Ugandan context, to create lower-limb prosthetics over the course of a three-year implementation period.

This project aims to integrate scientific and technological innovation in 3D printing technology with business and social enterprise models in order to make the process of producing prosthetics in Uganda more efficient and effective.

The problem

The Problem.

1 billion people worldwide have a disability.

2.46 million of these people live in Uganda and 250,804 of them are children.

In Uganda, there are approximately 12 professional prosthetic technicians serving a population of over 250,000 children.

Accidents, bone diseases and bone infections are the primary causes of lower limb amputations.

The problem

The Solution.

Leveraging 3D printing technology to produce prosthetic sockets at a faster rate and create a simplified platform to train more professional prosthetic technicians.
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The problem

Our Vision.

The development of a revolutionary system that merges traditional orthopaedic technology (plaster casting) with newly developing 3D printing technology (scanning and printing) to create a platform for the training of more prosthetists and the production of more prosthetic sockets for children in Uganda and anywhere in the world.


Watch CBC's Nature of Things on 3D printing featuring cbm and the University of Toronto collaborating on this exciting new venture.



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