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Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Uganda (CoRSU) | http://corsu-uganda.org

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Uganda (CoRSU) was officially established in 2006 as a private, non-profit, non-government organization in Uganda. It is a Ugandan initiative which was encouraged and supported by CBM with the main aim of expanding and improving rehabilitation services for children and people with disability. It operates a 54-bed patient ward and the primary focus is on children with physical impairment for whom CoRSU provides orthopaedic and plastic/reconstructive surgical interventions and rehabilitation services. The organization is comprised of individuals who have been functioning as a viable network of disability advocates for over thirty years, drawn from both current and former CBM partners. Currently, CoRSU has 500 staff members with annual revenues of 3,000,000,000 Ugandan Shillings ($1,200,000 Canadian Dollars). Further, CoRSU has a Board of Directors which is competence-based and comprised of doctors, lawyers, administrators, financial managers, business people, community leaders and rehabilitation experts.

CoRSU has independently orchestrated the integration of 3D printing technology into their daily operations in the Department of Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery and is well versed in scientific innovation and its applications to international development and health care service provision. Their current 3D printing technology integration program has been ongoing for over 2 years.

University of Toronto | http://utoronto.ca

Excerpt from iSchool website

Known as Canada's Global Information School, the Faculty of Information's iSchool is ranked among the world's leading information and knowledge management schools by a number of global surveys. Adept at educating both professional practitioners and researchers, the iSchool offers exceptional programs year-round in various disciplines. Most notably, the school has maintained the internationally-recognized American Library Association (ALA) accreditation since 1937, produced the first PhD program in Information Studies in Canada and established the first iSchool in Canada.


Autodesk Research is working to help solve some of the world's most complex design problems, from pressing ecological challenges to the development of scalable smart infrastructure. Designers use Autodesk tools to not only create plans for buildings, for example, but also to simulate their impact on the environment and track their performance over time. Autodesk Research is dedicated to innovation and discovery in this realm. Our interests range from methods to help users learn powerful digital prototyping tools, to visualization and simulation techniques which enable designers to achieve new levels of performance. Advancing the state of the art in human-computer interaction, computer graphics, and digital design technology, we collaborate openly with researchers at leading universities around the world.

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