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Your gifts provide the resources cbm's dedicated community workers, doctor's, therapists need to restore people trapped in poverty by disability.

Fistula Operation + Free Binti Doll

My heart forced me to come

It’s hard to even imagine the shame, rejection and loneliness that often comes with a fistula.

A fistula is created when a young mother, like Elizabeth, experiences a difficult and prolonged birth that results in a hole in the birth canal. Elizabeth was blessed that her son, Bright, survived, but the fistula caused her to leak urine constantly. The shame of this condition meant her husband rejected her and left. Her loneliness increased as her neighbours ridiculed her.

Then she heard she could receive help. She said, “My heart forced me to come [to cbm’s partner hospital]. When the doctor… told me I would get treatment, I felt happy and knew I would be cured.”

Just see her joy!

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Fistula Operation + Free Binti Doll
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