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Popular Gifts
  • My Life-changing Gift Where Needed Most $30.00
  • Cataract Surgery for a Child $200.00
  • Clean Water for a Family $100.00
  • Fistula Operation + Free Binti Doll $200.00
Gifts under $50
  • 2 Egg-laying Hens $35.00
  • Casts to Make a Clubfoot Straight $40.00
  • Cataract surgery for a Mom, Dad, or Caregiver $39.00
  • Powerful Glasses for a Child $34.00
  • Eyelid Surgery for Trachoma $39.00
  • Stocking Stuffer: Sight-saving Antibiotics for 10 Children (Medication only) $10.00
  • My Life-changing Gift Where Needed Most $30.00
  • Special Chair for a Child with Cerebral Palsy $40.00
  • Clean Water for One Person $20.00
  • Send a Child to School $40.00
  • Stocking Stuffer: Give a couple of chicks $10.00

Life-changing gifts.

Microcredit loan and basic business training
Give healing Hugs this Christmas
Emergency care for families

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Only 2% of children with disabilities are ever given the opportunity to go to school. Read more

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